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Column 5

April 2003

(Make a print-out. Reading from screen is bad for your eyes)

CIA, thanks a lot for the Internet ; whenever there is something of the dramatic there is always something of the absurd, said Good Old Tom Paxton!!

Who was this guy that said : The law on chemical weapons is like a straight-jacket?? It was the same guy that now prohibits cancer medication for the little Iraquian cancer- patients because you can make chemical weapons from that stuff. So the little Iraqian kids are fed Aspirins because you canít derive chemical weapons from that.
How mad can you get??

And you, Bob (with god on our side) Dylan, you have forgotten that you sang at Bill Clintonís inauguration your Masters Of War??? Wasnít it you that wrote ę Iíd throw all the guns and the tanks in the sea, for they all are mistakes from a past history Ľ But no, you did not want to release that song, lucky for us that someone took the dumped tapes and put it on a bootleg!!

And that America still has folksingers like Adam Brodsky! (From : Hookers, Hicks and Heeps)

Hey Mr. President, you can have my civil rights
Just please leave me a few to use when I go out Friday night
Thereís lots of evil folks out there who hate democracy
So we must give up our freedom to protect our liberty

You might wanna question my neighbor, search his place
Take him downtown
Heís either muslim or heís buddhist
I forget, but hey, heís brown
Either way what Iím trying to say is he ainít like you and me
And listen here, why should I fear, everybody loves the jews

Well stop me on the highway, search my car and my cavities
Delve into my past like Iím a supreme court nominee
If I donít got nothing to hide, then why should I complain
If I donít like it I can always live with Castro or Hussain

Well Iím a real American, I bought a little flag
To prove that I ainít no commie fascist muslim pinko fag
I hang it from my window to show how much I care
Just donít ask me if I owned it when them big buildings still stood there

Yes yes folks, this proves once again that Americans are still cool, even if the adminstration ainít!!

Iraq ainít any further than your own street, the war is nothing but your own failures, Your own bad feelings, keeping your heart locked, and we are good at that, yes we are! Just watch the armies of homeless, the beggars, the addicts, the sick and the needy for whom we donít care a bit, things we have hidden away so well that the media donít even talk about Ďem anymore, as if they were not there!! Below a certain yearly income you are dead in the West. Even the commercials are explicit in this matter, we ignore the poor to justify our money

But when Assad was still a so-called dictator in Syria, a Syrian asked himself on the BBC Worldservice Radio: ę You have your mouth full of Individual Rights, but how do you treat your Collective Rights? Ľ The interviewer did not understand what he was referring to and asked an explanation

] ę Well, here in Damascus a woman can go out any moment of the day or the night without being harrassed, everybody leaves his frontdoor open all the time because we have no burglarsÖ.. Ľ

That causes a strange homesickness, donít it, Westerners?? We, who barricade our plants, offices and dwellings, put burglar alarms in our cars, yes, we have made it, or havenít we??

When a colored person in New York has a shorter life-expectancy than a farmer in Bangla Desh?! But them, BACK IN THE WORLD, probably donít know where Bangla Desh is situated, could be a part of a mountain range on the moonÖ They also think that Amsterdam is the capital of Copenhagen, donít they! In a geography-test for adults half of their citizens could not find their own country on the world map. And of these 50% of ignorants, 25% pointed at Russia, because thatís the largest country on the world map, so it had tot be them. That smells of megalomania !


Through the ages the Christians have had very changing preferences, by the wayÖ Once the Arabs were the bad guys when they conquered the mediterranean area, including Spain (The Arabs did not force anybody to become a Muslim ; but if one did so, one did not have to pay taxes for two years so every Spaniard became a Muslim, dig?!) Then the Turks became the bad guys when El Aurens freed Arabia that promptly colonized the half of Afrika by forcing Islam down their throats.

Always remember ; the best Catholics live in Italy, the best Calvinists live in Switzerland, the best Lutherans in Germany, the best Shintos in Japan and the best Muslims in Saudi Arabia!

We oblige the third world (90% of the worldís population) to send us their raw materials in order to make kitchenmixers and cars out of it, that we can sell to the third world. Why canít they make their own mixers ? This is state terrorism. We are low down criminals, nothing more. Free market economy ?? The cut-throat market economy !!



But as a Russian farmer said : ę Russia needs at least ten Chernobils to wake up Ľ so America needs at least ten towers destroyed to realize that the world is not so happy with their policies, instead of spreading fear they should ask themselves why people need to make such drastic statements. And who is talking about terrorism ; what the Americans now call ę shock and awe Ľ was called ę terror and panic Ľ in the Vietnam-war by those same Americans.


No, trouble is here to stay for quite a while. The Egyptian President predicts a hundred new Ben Ladens and I foresee that nothing good will come out of the new Iraq.

The abused Ottoman Empire had a much clearer view on this matter than the British who put together three Ottoman provinces to compose Iraq, three peoples who did not share any common ground. One just has to look at the map of North Africa to understand what I want to get at. Borders are never straight lines, they follow coastlines, mountain-ranges and rivers. The borderlines of America donít count of course, as everything overthere is artificial.

And as the English Jews considered the First World War (1914-1918) no cause to fight for, the British promised them a country of their own if they joined in the fun. Only after the second World War they were able to keep their promise and the rest is too well known. The Jews started buying land from the Palestinians (itís ours, we payed for it didnít we ?) and Israel was a state.

But Jewish America doesnít like the Turks, even if they should be thankful otherwise the holocaust would have started 600 years ago in Spain because when Columbus set sail for the unknown (also a Jew; get lost!) Spain expelled the Jews, together with the Arabs while they were at it. The well-to-do Jews went to Antwerp and Amsterdam, for the poor Jews the Sultan sent ships to take Ďem to Fas (Morocco ; half a million) and several other provinces where they were free to move and practise their beliefs. Why then this aversion towards the Turks ? Well, the Sultan has made a statement that didnít go down well at all ; ę Be good to the Jews but take ample care that they never get a country of their own because this will lead to unforeseen problems. That was more than 500 years ago.

And how right he proved to be ! Jews are not able to run a country, only their individual checkbooks. The sickening partiality radiates through Israel. Russian Jews return to Russia, dissapointed and desillusioned. It is a country that cannot exist without a common enemy and heavy ongoing subsidies. Moroccan Jews, arriving in the Promised Land, silver and goldsmiths all their lives were forced to carry crates of oranges at the Kibbuts because they did not have the money to keep shop at Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. That was for the returned American Jews who, in the weekends, hire airconditioned coaches to ride out into the desert and take pictures of Jellaba-wearing Yemenitic Jews, sitting in front of their tents, smoking huge waterpipes, to send back to their relatives in the US to show how primitive their compatriots are. And that is supposed to be one country ? Of course not ! That is why the war against the enemy (which enemy is in fact not important at all. Palestine, The Lebanon, Syria, Iraq to name a few) A lutta continua (..and the looting continues)

And like the Chinese took advantage of the 11th of September to dump all the stolen Tibetan gold on the market, either way Israel took the opportunity of Golf war II to crush more Palestinian homes and kill innocent women and children, as Fidel Castro did on Cuba with his beloved dissidents. Tricky George, THE OIL-PUPPET has already created a job for the President to come ; Harrassing North Korea and spraying Moroccan hemp-fields to distract attention from South America in order to obtain Cocaine the administration so badly needs. That is why the crack-problem will never be solved ; the Big Shots need cocaine in order to drink as much as they were used to when they were younger, because 105% of all Americans drinks while 110% of all Americans believes in god, so g.o.d. is short for group of drunks. (I suppose that three quarters of all the so-called heart-attacks in those circles is due to an overdose of Coke.) And while the black Americans gave us Rock Ďn Roll, it must be said that if the Indians had used a more rigorous immigration policy, it would not be such a mess in the US.

The North Koreans had the guts to threaten the united states with war if they wouldnít stop mingling in their internal affairs with a perfectly sane argument : ę You are 5% of the world population, who do you think you are trying to tell the remaining 95% what to do ??

And letís delve still deeper into their dung-heap. Ben Laden and Sadam Hussain were both put on the throne by the US. They advised Sadam to attack Kuwait because they were stealing Iraqís oil by means of sideways drilling. Ben laden received loads of Dollars to infiltrate in Soviet Afghanistan and later used the money to make clear that the Third World Trade Blockade was a crime. Three thousand Americans/America Lovers died when the Minarets Of Decadence came down. How many people had to die in Afghanistan and Iraq we will never know, but we all know itís multiple numbers.

And the bushy argument ę We freed you from the nazis Ľ is an easy way out; forgetting that Europe would still be the Third Reich if the Japs had not attacked Pearl Harbor, as the US had a policiy of non-commitment.


Sure thing baby.