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Had Armand played with a band up to now, it was time to start a solo act. His second single hit the charts and moving around in his Cadillac with his bodyguards, groupies and other weirdoes he played and sang his brains out in Holland and the Dutch speaking part of Belgium; Flanders, up to the French Border, appearing in shows with The Stones, Pink Floyd, Lionel Hampton, John Coltrane, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Alexis Korner, Procol Harum, Small 'Faces, Frank Zappa to name just a few, consuming loads of speed, and finally not getting his dick up anymore.

That was the moment he really started to worry. That he couldn't sleep, eat and speak decently didn't bother him so much, that he always stank of some strange chemical sweat, what the fuck, but life without sex….

He quit the hazardous habit, stopped playing and retired to the swamps of East-Brabant to be alone with himself and not being bothered by people who asked:"Weren't you once…" Until fate smiled down on him.


Having learned about hashish in the Belgian town of Antwerp, he discovered that the Asthma, by which he had been plagued all his life, could be called a halt by a simple toke of the joint. He started digging and found the first proof of ancient wisdom in China, where the Emperor Shen Nung prescribed it already for Asthma, Rheumatism and Nervous Attacks. That was in the year 2737 before our Year Zero! And because Armand was convinced of the healing force of the herb, by personal experience, after propagating it in his songs, he started dealing the Mental Chewing Gum.